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Our Health & Safety Specialists will provide your department with the finest on-site FD medical services anywhere.
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Our specialists

... will provide your department with the finest on-site FD medical services anywhere.

Specialists will perform on-site physical exams for your firefighters. First and foremost, our goal is courteous and professional medical service. We will jointly develop a comprehensive program that fulfills the requirements of your fire department and its members. At your earliest convenience, we would like to meet with you to begin development of a new program for your department or to confirm the details of your existing program.

Our Health and Safety Specialists... the perfect choice to provide your department agency with high quality medical exams and health screenings.

Firefighter- Physician owned and operated

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On-site examinations at your facility designed specifically for firefighters, Firefighter stress testing done at your location.

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Significant value for your members and department.

Additional (Optional) Services

  • Blood work (cholesterol, PSA, etc)
  • Drug screening
  • Fit testing (may be done in-house)
  • PPD Tuberculosis Skin Testing
  • Flu Vaccination (yearly)
  • Tetanus (every 10 years)
  • Chest X-Ray
  • Firefighter Stress Test
  • Hepatitis B Vaccinations

Our Intent...

Provide you with easier access to our services including monthly or bimonthly on-site visits. In addition, your members may schedule examinations at our offices during weekdays without additional charge. To assist in returning your members to full duty, we are available to follow up injuries or return to duty certifications as quickly as possible.

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